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Revealing natural beauty
through symmetry and proportion

Whether you're experiencing hair loss or just interested in a fluffier brow look, BROWMA Natural Microblading can help you achieve your eyebrow goals!


Blonde brows

Blonde brows tend to appear more sparse than other color brows because blonde hair contains less melanin. To counteract this, we layer varying tones of light brown pigments over two sessions to add the depth and foundation needed to highlight the natural blonde hair strands.

Brown brows

Brown brows contain melanin in a variety of shades and tones. Correctly identifying those pigments and selecting complementary colors to create beautiful multi-tonal brows is what Browma does best! We devote time at the initial appointment to discuss and determine the best choice color choice for you.

Raven brows

Raven brows contain the most amount of melanin within the hair and require darker vibrant pigments to match the brow's tone after your microblading heals. We use a semi-permanent ink in a superficial application to ensure your brows age naturally for their lifetime.