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15-min Brow Consult : free
New Brow Enhancement
: $475-$575*(2 sessions)   
Third Session (if needed/desired) : $50-$75
Returning Client "Yearly" Touch Up : $300-$375 

New Client Yearly Touch Up : $400*(1 session)

*$50 non-refundable deposit is required to schedule this service. Remainder is due at the first session.

How can I estimate how much my Initial Brow Enhancement will cost?

Individuals with a complete brow shape fall at the lower-end of our package rate

Individuals with little-to-no eyebrow hair and require more hair strokes to achieve a natural look fall at the higher-end of our package rate.

How do I determine if I will need an additional service?

Not happy with your permanent/past service?
A color/shape correction can fix unnatural tone or unflattering asymmetry.

Want additional fullness?

A 3rd Session will add even more hair strokes for just an additional $50.

Have your brows faded since your service?

A Yearly Touch-Up Session will darken your brows with refreshed pigment!


all of your #browquestions answered

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