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Welcome to The Brow Blog!

I am beyond excited to launch my official Brow Blog, a place for all things EYEBROWS AND MICROBLADING! My name is Meredith Little Sky, I am an Eyebrow Microblader and Tattoo Artist based in Fort Collins, Colorado. I work out of my beautiful studio, BROWMA, where things are...


My background in tattooing has helped me to understand skin types, skin tone, and pigment on a deep level. Applying this knowledge to microblading has allowed me to merge a technical understanding of skin with my artistic eye for detail and design.

Microblading is an art form that I find extremely rewarding. It is incredible what a microblading session can do to boost one's self esteem! Not everyone was lucky enough to be born with great brows (or maybe you were BUT tweezed them to death during the 90's.) Whatever your brow journey may be, BROWMA microblading offers a natural looking result that can last for years. Stay tuned if you're curious or have questions about microblading, I will be sharing everything from informational posts, transformational stories, and even client testimonials here on The Brow Blog!

VISIT the FAQ page to learn more about microblading and view my full PORTFOLIO!

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eyebrows speak louder than words!

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